The Five Elements
FIRE “Have a strong passion like fire to achieve a fulfilling life”
WOOD “Be as multifungtional as wood, and thereby grown as an individual”
WIND “Be as invisible as wind and overcome any obstancles”
EARTH “Be as rich earth and let most beautiful things grow from you”
WATER “Be as flexible as water and become one with fate”

Wearing a crisp batik shirt with dark pants, sitting casually a coffee shop at Plaza Indonesia. Putu dons a welcoming and warm smile. His eyes display a deep contentment, as though he has not a hint of burdens or problems. Perhaps it is his beliefs and way of life that give him this calm disposure automatically drawing people in.

Born in denpasar on April 23rd, 1974, this talk dark skinned man runs the renowned The Rudana, is an author of two admirable books and an active politician. “ I do not work” he says with a smile. “everything i do is an act of sincere devotion and is in utmost alignment with my passion.” Putu has been surrounded by art since he was born and was always in love with it. “I feel extremely fortunate to have been born in Bali, a place so rich in heritage and culture; and most importantly, spirituality.”

Putu, who exercises regularly and enjoys golf, believes that the purpose in life is to continuously grow as a person, learn and become better on the inside. Art is a vehicle for this spiritual journey, and so it must be preserved and treasured.

His museum, The Rudana is located in a vast estate in Ubud. Overlooking beautiful rice paddy fields. Founded by his parents. Nyoman Rudana and Ni Wayan Olasthini, the museum was officiated by the then President Soeharto in 1995. It comprises of three units, namely the art gallery, the museum and the art foundation. “My father establised the museum to preserve and promote local art. For his devotion, he has won both local and international awards.” Putu exclaims proudly. The Rudana has been visited by many of the world’s most famous political figures including presidents, first wives and even royalty.

After returning from his studies in St. Louis US – he took his Bachelors’s in management and information System and double masters in Business Administration and Finance – Putu was entrusted to be the President of the Rudana.
“Having been exposed to the western culture, i was adamant to implement fresh ideas. I began to integrate activities of non fine art, but still within the realm of art, into the museum through events and exhibitions. In 2010 we organized a series of exhibitions that integrated exhibitions of paintings, drawing cartoons, jazz performances with famous musicians such as Dwiki Dharmawan and international jazz musician Toninho Horta called Panca Tan Mantra.

A synergy of yoga festival at the Museum Rudana called Angkus Prana and other art activities were organized a big art event called Bali Inspires incorporating art and cultural activities such as literature, art performances by seasoned dancers for the launch of his breathtaking book Bali Inspires.”

Bali inspires is a hardcover book on the best of Indonesia’s art. Distributed globally, it features Joop Ave as the editorial advisior. Flipping through the pages, readers will be delighted with the colorful images and many words of wisdom contained therein.

“ I would like to see Indonesia’s art to have more of a global context.” Putu explain.’ The benefits of this are multifold. Not only will we receive more appreciation, but it could also improve bilateral relationship.”

Another book that Putu has written is entitled Menuju Visi Sempurna, or translated means “moving towards perfections.” It is a book that provides enlightement and is more spiritual than anything else.

“ I believe that there are three concepts we must aspire to in order to reach the elusive perfection.” First it is Positive Character, contribute the best we can to our self and then to others. This is materialized from our day to day activities.” Secondly, it is becoming a True Democrat, it means that as an individual we become a component of our society and state and have some obligations to fulfill to this society. “The Essence of becoming a true democrat is when we, as a member of society, contribute positively to the diverse and heterogeneous society regardless of our racial, religious and political affiliation and background.”

Finally, it is the concept of the Peaceful Archipelago. According to Putu, this should be the guiding principle in the context of global and international arena. “As a citizen of the word, we at the Rudana strive to contribute to world peace with our devotion in art and culture.”

It is clear that Putu is wiser beyond his years. As seen in these pages, putu uses the symbols of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Wood to showcase his character. “Fire to symbolize passion and strenght to overcome whatever life throws at is; Wind as invincibility and being able to go anywhere, water as flexibility, earth as strenght and Wood as being of multiple uses.”

His beliefs are manifested in all his activities, no matter how small. Happily married for ten years he jokes “My relatives who are teenagers, however, sometimes laugh when i try to share my words of wisdom. They say it is too heavy.”

Well, it certainly was not too heavy for us. It was pleasant and inspiring listening to Putu, who truly is the embodiment of sincere devotion.

Sumber : Registry Indonesia, Edisi Januari 2012 (
Photography by : The Looop Indonesia
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