Putu Supadma Rudana: Synergy to Perfection


He is not a common Balinese. For those who consider art piece as part of their soul and not as representation of their lifestyle must know who this sporty young golfer really is. Just take an opportunity to nudge him discussing about the synergy of art and common aspects, then your perspective will open and get amazed by the value of art and piece that you owned.

 As a generation who grew up at the time Indonesia was experiencing tumble and jumble in political and economical condition, Putu Rudana seemed occupied an envisage through art to regain the glory of Indonesia. For him art is not only a medium to win balance in life, but also becoming part of life it self.

“There are two important points in art; invaluable inner satisfaction and from material point of view, the fact that art pieces are always sought after because of its increasing value. So, if you are an art collector, you have to understand the soul of what you collect, because if you do, then you will be able to value your collection. The result is, you will win the synergy that bring great impact to your life,” said the 3rd Chairman of the Association of Balinese Museums.

There is another reason why Putu Rudana found art as his personal passion. In his opinion each art pieces contained the element of love that consisted taste and its own vibrant. Art makes its admirer not to see everything solely on its surface but taking them directly to its core, which is its soul, its inner beauty. His commitment to art expressed by this luxurious automotives lover by managing several art galleries on Bali Island. Among other is Museum Rudana. Under his management, Museum Rudana bears the name as South East Asia’s Louvre. Its countless collection came from painters that attracted by the beauty of Indonesia from each art period; from Affandi to Made Wianta, from Walter Spies to Antonio Blanco. In fact the Museum itself may compare as giant vault of creation of Indonesian masters.

The invaluable collections that owned by Museum Rudana are intrinsically a historically inheritance, which becomes a source of information and educational media. These are all most important for the development and transformation of culture and civilization from one generation to the next. This museum is also intended for artists and people of interest in this area to gather. Here they can exchange experiences and ideas on their respective fields of interest.

His communication ability put him on the gate of wider opportunities that may not experienced by his fellow countrymen. He was able to be in touch with The Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and presented him his idea through a book which titled “Treasures of Bali.” This seized Mr. President’s attention and honored him not only a famous nickname Mr. Excellence, but the President himself takes a great concern by involving in the second edition of the book by putting his words as introduction. In the real life, The President is not only Putu Rudana’s closest clique, the Tourism Minister Jero Wacik and his predecessor, Joop Ave, are whom Mr. Rudana absorbed their experiences and valuable inputs regarding on how to manage the potentials that Bali owned—but not known worldwide—that is art. From both of these prominent figures in Indonesia’s tourism, Putu Rudana has been granted sobriquet Mr. Synergy (from Mr. Joop Ave) and Mr Brilliant (from Mr Jero Wacik) as Putu Rudana successfully organized Joged art activity that synergized painting, dance, and exhibition to put Bali culture on the front line of Indonesia Government’s promotion Visit Indonesia 2008. However, as we try to confirm whether these great personages are his role model, he was suddenly silent and said, “Srihadi Soedarsono.” Solemnly and with a certain dramatic tone.

Srihadi Soedarsono is one of globally acknowledge maestros. Most of his strokes articulated deep magical figures of Borobudur, which represented only in two noir colors. Specially made for Putu Rudana, Srihadi Sudarsono created an astonishing landscape of Borobudur, daringly broke his own signature by stoking colorful image of Borobudur in full interpretation between dawn and dusk. This is the first painting that astonished Putu Rudana, not only based on its magical nuance, but also philosophical value inside it.

“Srihadi Soedarsono himself told me that he creates his masterpiece especially for me because this painting reflected my soul,” expressed the CEO of Grup Rudana and Putra Company. The soul that distinguishes Putu Rudana from other art investor.

Focusing on his business activities, Putu Rudana in his young age of 34 years old is able to control fives other crucial positions. The MBA granted of Webster University of St. Louis USA implemented his sense on art to each of his business network. His focus in the art business gives him greater challenges and more satisfaction. Fine art for him (especially in the form of painting) is extremely powerful.

“You can feel the soul of art created by the maestros. Such as the exhibition that I just have conceived, promoted and organized, Modern Indonesian Masters, with works from eigth artists—Srihadi Soedarsono, Sunaryo, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta, Nyoman Erawan, Made Djirna, Made Budhiana and Wayan Darmika. In art as in business you have to be able to understand and forecast the future. That’s art investment. I believe Indonesia has a great culture that I can promote,” said the CEO and Director of Finance of GRP Corporation.

“Because I love Bali, I cannot sacrifice one element of Tri Hita Karana, the synergy between human, nature, and the creator of nature. I valued the synergy on every life’s aspects, therefore I will work on my best to meet each of it, including in business, so that business will not only be environtmentally friendly but also financially benefitable,” said the husband of Putu Diah Chandra Dewi, SH. MKn.

This reflected his vision on Bali. He is aware that Bali owned countless potential, based on that he launched a tagline for Bali and Indonesia which is: “Bali the heart of Indonesia, Bali the heart of Asia, Bali the heart of the world.” The political label considered not as common for Putu Rudana, he put it in first priority as his reflection to built Bali and Indonesia to be considered again internationally.

“My father is a Senator. I am proud to be his son because I can see the contribution he makes on behalf of the Baliness people in helping to fulfill their aspirations. For a long time, I have dreamt that Indonesian leaders will grow to have a love and understanding of art and culture, because I believe this is where the strength of Indonesia truly lives. I also believe that bringing an appreciation of art into politics will make us more peaceful and responsive to the needs of the community,” quoted him.

For Registry Indonesia, Putu Rudana has transformed to a complex individual that is not only multi talented but also occupy positive esteem that is not easily founded in the core all business man’s, politician’s or artist’s soul.

“I am just a visionary art investor, art collector and art lover,” said Putu Rudana answering our last question regarding who Putu Rudana according to Putu Rudana himself.

Sumber : Registry, Volume 2 Number 3, May 2008

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